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    • A What's Your Story? Welcome

    • What's Your Story? - The Workbook

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    The Old You

    • The Old You

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    The You Right Now

    • The You Right Now

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    The Future You

    • The Future You

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    Let's Talk!

    • Let's Talk!

    • Where to find Laura Cruise: The Dream Transition Mentor

    • What's Your Story? Feedback Survey

What's Your Story?

As a coach I am fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck, keep us trapped, impact our confidence and stop us from getting out there and doing all the things we want to do. 

Our story can come from many different sources and often those thoughts are so deeply ingrained within us that we don't recognise their impact.

What's Your Story will take you on a journey through your thoughts about The Old You, The You Right Now and ultimately The Future (Brilliant) You. 

This self guided programme is powerful, simple and impactful and I know you will get so much from it. 

May you write a new, brilliant story! 

Laura x

What's Your Story?

A self guided programme to help you write the most important story